Private Label Animal Health Products

As a service to our customers who wish to maintain their own brand identification, Sparhawk Labs will private label products providing minimum order volumes are met and upon acceptance of a standard Sparhawk Labs private labeling agreement.


Featured Products

SparMectin-E 100 mL

  • Only FDA-approved liquid ivermectin horse dewormer
  • Easier to deliver than paste products
  • Easy to swallow; no wasted medication
  • Reduces chance of under dosing, which contributes to resistance
  • Safe for: Foals, Pregnant Mares, Breeding Stallions
  • 10 mL will treat an 1100 Ib horse

Gentamicin Piglet Injection 250 mL

  • Only approved source of Gentamicin for Piglets
  • Contains Gentamicin proven to be effective against Colibacillosis caused by E. coli
  • Rx
  • Cost effective with convenient 1 mL dose
  • 40-day slaughter withdrawal